1. helmikuuta 2013

You know you've been in England for a long time when...

... You start getting a hang of how to mix the two taps' water to make ot bearable

... You start thinking that maybe crisps are a perfectly viable part of your lunch

... You try on a pair of 8 inch heels and don't see how they're too high, there's even a platform

... No matter how pretty the weather might look, you still take your umbrella with you

... You no longer stare gawking at the girls who forgot to put some trousers on with the top when they left their house to go party

... When you think your laundry in Finland will also take three days to dry

... When you keep saying 'excuse me', 'pardon', and all that other useless crap the Finns never use in their vocabulary

... When you've budgeted a sum of £10 a month for a new umbrella to replace the current one that's bound to break in one of these storms

... When you are quite happy Finland is -30 degrees - as long as it just DOES NOT RAIN

... When you think Thursday is a perfectly ok day to go out and get drunk

... You think Finns are not so terrible after all when it comes to alcohol, or at least they're not alone

... You start cheering at your Finnish students for a correct anwer and almost give them merits, too

... When you start thinking 3cm snow is plenty enough for a snow day

... Sunday and roast always go together

... X Factor is the highlight of Saturday

... Weekday evenings are nothing without two episodes of The Big Bang Theory

... If it's fake, you think it's more normal than normal: silicons, eyelashes, nails, tan are all of them business as usual

... You start thinking you are actually really brave for walking to school for 30 mins and taking the metro for 15. In fact, you are very brave for doing this when it's snowing

... Traffic is perfectly fine on either side of the road

... You think 4 degrees is cold and you need your winter jacket

... You think +16 is quite enough fo inside, any hotter than that, you start sweating

... You actually go to a pub for just that one drink. And then you go home.

... Understand the Indian English accent perfectly, hell, you even speak it fluently

... When your R.P. English has turned into one with suspiciously Toon undertones

... You think white toast is a great lunch

... Your hemline is way too short for the country you come back to, even though it would have been bordering on classy in England

... You don't remember to go back to minding your own business like you should but keep saying a cheerful hi to people living nearby

... You know exactly which players are in the headlines and for which team they play football for, AND who their manager is

... You think it's perfectly fine to admit you're hung over on Sunday

... The pub is as good a place as any to hang out in, even on your own

... A teaching day from 8 to 3.30 seems normal and the Finnish school days much less so

... You start to think fries are a perfectly normal side dish for a pizza

... Two months has gone by since coming back and you still do not miss fries at all

... You would not change a thing of the complicated ways to do things if it keeps this adorable, amazing country abuzz